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Mike Conrad is a native of the Spokane Valley, a graduate of University high school and lives in the Spokane Valley with his wife, Marie and two grown children, Easton and Elizabeth.  He attended Rick’s College where he studied Criminal Justice and began his career as an entrepreneur with his brother at a young age setting up kiosks in malls across the United States.  Mike understands the heartbreak of having nothing and living with no hope and he knows the joy of breaking away by building his own success story.

Currently the CEO of The Savory Butcher, Mikes career has been about building success. He is not a politician, rather an activist for the consumer and small business.  He hopes to bring those innovative ideas and enthusiasm as your Representative.

How?  Mike worked with Rep. Matt Shea and Senator Mike Padden to pass SB6388 that changed the overreach of the WA State Health department in their inspection process. Testifying before the House Committee he was able to state the facts in such a way that their bill received 48 yea votes out of 50 and was 1 of only a few that were signed into law in 2018.

He also worked with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers on the farm bill to change the rules to allow those using EBT to buy fresh food on line. Working with the Congresswoman, and across the aisle with Senator Kristen Gillibrand of New York, and because of Mike’s efforts, companies are now allowed to accept EBT to serve the people who need it the most.

Mike wants to bring his passion for business and citizens rights to the Washington State House of Representatives.


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